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Process about hearing.

Hearing aid trial is sequential procedure followed after assessing the patients with hearing loss. At Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre, we follow a set of exclusive steps in order to help our customers to choose the best hearing aid that solves their purpose. Selection of hearing aid for a hearing impaired person is done with respect to subjective & objective procedure. Based on the degree and type of hearing loss, our audiologist will provide a hearing aid that suits your need. Depending on the person’s lifestyle, psychological requirements, cosmetic preference, visibility & age factor a perfect choice of hearing aid could be made at Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre. Hearing aid fitting consists of a selection phase and an adjustment phase. Once hearing aid trial is completed, the selected hearing aid will be tuned and adjusted as per the customers need. The fitting procedure is to calculate the desired amount of amplification, so called “target gain”, from the hearing thresholds.

Getting Fitted for a Hearing Aid

It is often said that a successful hearing aid fitting is as much an art as it is a science. At Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre, our audiologists have been successfully fitting and dispensing the finest quality electronic hearing systems from last many years. Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre is a regional center of excellence, dedicated to restoring hearing to as close as possible to "normal". All hearing aid styles, using the latest digital technology, are available: in-the-ear, in-the-canal, behind-the-ear, and open ear fittings Hearing aid fittings are available for special needs including bone anchored hearing aids and implantable hearing aids.

Detecting Hearing Impairments

If you suspect you or a family member or friend has a hearing impairment, the first step is to have a hearing test. This can be done for you at the Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre for Hearing and Balance Disorders. Based upon your hearing test results, a physician consultation may be suggested, before consideration of a hearing aid.

Custom Fitting for Individual Hearing Needs

Although not all hearing aid users enjoy a return to normal hearing, the results using modern digital hearing aid technology can be remarkably good. Members of our audiology team will assist the hearing aid user to learn to use their hearing instrument to its fullest capacity. It is the policy of Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre to offer each person a trial period with their new hearing instrument. This policy allows the audiologist to make all necessary changes or adjustments in the newly purchased amplification system as the purchaser uses the hearing aid in various listening situations. If a person simply cannot adjust to amplification within the trial period, the hearing aid may be returned for a refund.