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Audiological Evaluation

Process about hearing.

Audiological Evaluation

Audiological Evaluation is group of test :- Pure tone thresholds, Tympanometry speech test etc. In this, we measure from external to inner ear till brain. we measure nerve function as well as middle ear fuction (fluid). A complete diagnostic audiological evaluation takes about 30 minutes.


Tympanometry testing records the mobility of eardrum, eustachian tube function, and the middle ear space. By fluctuating the air pressure, the movement of the eardrum is measured and result comes on a graph. This test take 1 minute and painless.

Acoustic Reflex Thresholds

In this test:- We do same as Tympanometry like - an air-tight seal to built a pressure in the canal using an ear tips and we present loud sound to make contraction of the stapedius muscle to measure the reflex of this muscle. During the test you will hear louder beeps sound. When the stapedius muscle contracts, it will be recorded by the instrument automatically. The test takes a minutes in each ear.

Pure tone thresholds

This is a test for Hearing, can be tested by Audiologist and records your hearing level on a graph. Audiologist present sounds from low frequency to high frequencies (250 Hertz to 8,000 Hertz, in different intensities at which you hear each tone. Through this graph can be understand your hearing level:- mild, moderate, severe and profound.

Speech Threshold and Speech Discrimination

Speech audiometry has become a basic tool in hearing-loss assessment. In related with pure-tone audiometry, it can help in determining the degree and type of hearing loss. Speech audiometry also provides information regarding discomfort and tolerance to speech stimuli and information on word understanding abilities.

In this test, Audiologist ask the patients to repeat different words in different loudness level. Through this test Audiologist can make score which is depends on your response. This test help us to understand your word understanding level and to find the best hearing aid for you.

Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE)

In this test, we measure the response of outer hair cells which is Inside the cochlea. Very soft sound presented through the instrument which can hear by the human ear. You need to be quiet during the testing. The level of the response is documented.