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Welcome to Rudra Clinic Speech and Hearing Center

Welcome to Rudra Clinic Speech and Hearing Center!

Rudra Speech & Hearing Centre is a full administration audiology facility that gives far reaching listening to testing, amplifier counsels, fittings, portable amplifier overhauling and repairs. We trust that hearing is more than quite recently the view of sound; hearing is a fundamental part of your personal satisfaction. With more than 14 years of consolidated involvement, our listening to social insurance experts can give you an answer that is ideal for you!

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Reasons to Come to Rudra Clinic Speech and Hearing Center!...

Hearing Solutions.

Excellent Hearing

You may be a candidate for enhancers instead of hearing aids. Enhancers do not interfere with normal hearing, but instead add a boost to existing hearing for brighter, crisper sound.

Signia/Siemens Hearing Aids

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